Breaking In[terviews]: John Carroll

Breaking In[terviews]: John Carroll

The pentesting guide I’m working on features 7 video interviews with different penetration testers. Each penetration tester has a different educational backgrounds, technical specialisms or career paths.

I’ve always been obsessed with quality and value, from when I started a penetration testing consultancy through to co-founding London’s 44CON, and my book, Breaking In is no exception. It’s a lot to ask people to buy something that they can’t see. That’s why I’m giving away one of the interviews today, so you can see what to expect.

I went to meet up with John Carroll, who’s a penetration tester at a bank in the City of London. We had a chat about his background, career path, typical working day, bug bounties and proposed cybersecurity legislation amongst other things. If you enjoyed the interview, get all 7 by pre-ordering the guide.

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Steve is a full-time penetration tester and founder at Mandalorian and co-founded UK Information Security Conference 44CON in 2011. He is also the author of upcoming penetration testing guide Breaking In.